Guam and Cape Cod  collide on broadway



yes they are

For two weeks in Virginia I shot workers on the third shift for a Labor Day feature piece.

Here are some of my favorites.

If you want you can watch the entire series here


I am working on a series of 'stories' of people who work the third shift and along came the Zebra.

The Korean War Happened 60 Years Ago.

Memories of the war are fading as fewer and fewer veterans are around to tell their stories to those who will listen.

See and read their stories here

.. not really

but im in VA for the summer exploring what 'multimedia' means to me

lets roll

santa monica to venice beach

Over the snow, and above the clouds

touching down by the ocean

My Friend Charles and I shot the Hedges wedding this past fall. My buddy Ryan has been photographing them for a while but was out of town at Eddie Adams so he was kind enough to let us shoot it.

I took along my yashica and took a few pictures.

Week 1 —

I am back in Athens, Another year some more classes and more photos

The rain has finally stopped so Drew and I went to the beach.

Toledo is a cold place, winters are the same grey and cold but never filled with snow




Ski lifts and fake snow


this vague thing that most schools require but don't really tell you how to find them.

Hope this helps --

1. This is by far the best place to find new postings but you have to be a member

2. NPPA runs a blog (The Visual Student) it is free and has quite a few of listings

4. Sportsshooter "the Guide" again you have a member but it has a serious listing of papers and contact info starting sending those emails

5. Sportsshooter Classifieds this is free occasionally internships are posted here but then are quickly buried so check daily

6. NYU internship listing, this is a pretty decent list and free

7. Journalism Jobs, good listing not much more to say about it

8. Email editors at papers, most will get back to you in 2 days max

9. google photo internships (insert state name here)

10. APAD great resource, people post photos and links here, and you can also ask questions. Its free but make a new email account to sign up with you get 100+ emails a day

11. Ask your professors, they know people, lots of people and usually can help with finding an internship

12. Jenn Ackerman has a really nice post with a good listing of internships

13 Inland Press Association

I know I am missing some links so if you know of any great resources put it in the comments or shoot me an email

one of the most intense quarters of school I have had in a while is up.

on my way to Vermont



The hill stood cold as the wind blew past the tops of the matted grass, having been pushed down from the bodies of deer resting for the night. The sky’s grey, muting the greens and drawing the hues of blue out from hiding. The sun has long been set away for the season, occasionally peaking to see what is new, but mostly gone. Remnants of its glow still cast soft shadows around the edges of edges.

The growth has stopped, time only passing from the white sliver rotating around the lower arch of the sky set back in black. I am laying face up, back damp from the moisture sucked into the cotton; mind awash, figureless, like the shapes in the sky.

The trees are breathing, the moss clinging on, surveying the land, fixating — uptaking — silent. In the distance, the lights blink red — red — red — white. The light is tapered at the edges by the fog that rises from the hills into the chilled air, the last heat of the season escaping the branches of the pines.

Stripes run through the woods, the metallic towers looming with their lines running into the valleys off into the invisible distance. They hum from their invisible provider. Silent are the woods; all is gone. Not making a noise.

The evidence of a colorful past sits as it did when it fell on the forest floor. My falling feet cast a crunch deep into the labyrinth of scattered oaks and maple, marring the eternal silence, only for it once to occur again. The mud from the riverbed still clinging to my feet as I walk deeper.

The lights trickle onto the ground through the web of black branches entangling one another in a slow death grip. Ivy vines climb those looming structures in search of that valuable resource that so scarcely makes it to the ground.

The hills peak and sink — predictably — like ripples in a pond. Frozen. Boulders cover the bases where the two peaks push against one another. Forever. Water emerges at the bottom, pushed up through the ground, pooling and spreading across, enabling an array of slippery greens to amass on the ground. Tracks frozen in the surrounding muck, evidence of life invisible in the unpalatable space.

-from those woods


My buddy Ryan won CPOY the other day. So he needed some headshots for the press that he has been receiving.




Recently this is what is going on in my head.

Things are in production, I will share when they are done.


_MG_1386 copy





There is something better about waiting to see your film finally developed from a year ago.

– from vermont





Finished shooting this band






I have spent my last month here in Fayetteville documenting the E.E Smith Marching Band.

img_001 (1)

img_002 (1)

recently my time has been consumed with football, but I am trying to embrace the few other things I get to shoot. This is from a control burn of a house. There was something about the textures of this mans face and the muted colors that made this interesting to me.


my time is almost up in this town

on to the next adventure —

Came to Virgina Beach this weekend to visit my friend Ryan

Went fishing today with some photographers at the Virginian-Pilot




Welcome back to football. The other night was a first for me, midnight practice to kick off the new season




Bars and Wednesday nights, Guiness and Darts



decided to go to a beach, it was nice to return after 14 years






A ball on a humid night





Spring lake that is

no police — no law – 15 minutes away



reaching meeting itself

over and over

Never ceasing


Uninduced by the water's blue

Murky grey and yellow loom

Climbing the chain

foot brushed by the cold mass rising

shooting up
sharp pain

deep inhale


A field of smoke filled with youth and their captain
holding on by a handle four wheeling through the brush






I shot the Lumbee Indian's Homecoming parade and celebrations. The City of Pembroke is really interesting, It is a area where these Native Americans took up home but their tribe was never fully recognized by the government and thus land was never set apart for them.









I spent some time with a gentleman who paints houses for a living and recently started singing gospel music to his son for therapy.

His son was born with spina bifida and had meningitis as a baby, which left him mentally handicap.

Going into this assignment, I knew I did not want to only show some person with a handicap; rather, I wanted to focus on the relationship that exists between father and son.





So far, working at a newspaper has shown me just how little I knew about how photos work in a paper.

Ohio University drives home assignments such as "picture story," "sports action" and "issue reporting," but does little to prepare photojournalists for those assignments for which one is expected to go into someone's home, talk to them about "insert issue here" and make an image of them that drives home that issue.

Here is a picture I took today on assignment. This is the grandmother and mother of a 4-year-old who was killed by a driver while crossing the street.


Recently, I have had an image in my head of a photograph by Jim Korpi showing two boys with their fishing poles standing on train tracks in Vermont.

Every time I drive around looking for features, that image is all that is in my head.

I have also been inspired by the work of Danny Wilcox Frazier and his project Driftess.

Enough rambling. I was lucky enough to stumble across some boys carrying fishing poles, so I decided to tag along.





I spent some time today at Fantasy Lake working on a story about teen jobs... but all of the kids were off work, so I just hung out with them.

I am digging North Carolina and the heat, the people and the food.




Here I am in North Carolina to start my internship at the Fayetteville Observer, I had a great time at LOOK3 it was so cool meeting everyone


Here is where im staying for those interested...

Shot some pictures tonight of Eddie Ricard, a musician from Bowling Green, Ohio

american gun

This culture is everywhere

it shapes who people are, it helps them make their living or put food on the table.

It is not just some culture of people who like to shoot big guns it is a part of their life, just as your car is a part of your life their guns are just as much so.






Over the past six months there has been a steep incline in gun purchases and ammo prices. Some cite the change in leadership in the United States while others cite the changing economy.

In southern Ohio there is extensive gun ownership, mostly coming from the rural settings that surround the area and the prevalence of hunting in the area.

No matter how one looks at the landscape of gun ownership and use in the southern Ohio area is something that is prevent and deserves to be documented and explored and In the time of flux has even more relevance.

- here are a few frames the start of things

guns and hands

gun smith

gun influence

The first act begins after the sun has set








The wind is cold but the air is warm

the rain is cold but the world is alive



The Earth is rich where the old barn used to be

the land is turned


So they grow from the seeds in the earth yielding

sun hanging low in sky over our heads

emerging from their case buried deep within

longing for the warmth of the summer sun -

-- rain of early spring

The fields are tilled and things are put into their place

waiting for rest to be taken care of

by a force which cannot be foretold but will come

--The land the work of our hands



Stories are something that everyone can relate with, the threads that pull them together are woven throughout all of our life's.

The demise of distributed stories is the breaking of those threads that tie us all together.

Without those, there is little to hold back further separation of people and their experiences with all.

What is a mind--

a life--

with nothing more than our singular experiences, never shared but held for one self.

To share with others is to learn about others,
by learning about others we are connected through an intangible manifestation of a relationship that is shared usually knowingly.

That relationship give us our humanity---

That relationship makes us who we are and who we all are.

Rising from the earth


After a long quarter it all came to an end