Photo Internships

Internships.. this vague thing that most schools require but don't really tell you how to find them. Hope this helps --
1. This is by far the best place to find new postings but you have to be a member - 2. NPPA runs a blog (The Visual Student) it is free and has quite a few of listings - 4. Sportsshooter "the Guide" again you have a member but it has a serious listing of papers and contact info starting sending those emails - 5. Sportsshooter Classifieds this is free occasionally internships are posted here but then are quickly buried so check daily - 6. NYU internship listing, this is a pretty decent list and free - 7. Journalism Jobs, good listing not much more to say about it - 8. Email editors at papers, most will get back to you in 2 days max 9. google photo internships (insert state name here) 10. APAD great resource, people post photos and links here, and you can also ask questions. Its free but make a new email account to sign up with you get 100+ emails a day 11. Ask your professors, they know people, lots of people and usually can help with finding an internship 12. Jenn Ackerman has a really nice post with a good listing of internships 13 Inland Press Association
I know I am missing some links so if you know of any great resources put it in the comments or shoot me an email
Sam Saccone @samccone